Posted on Dec 13, 2018

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Which SEO Risks To Avoid

There are certain SEO risks that are worth taking; however, there are other risks that should not be taken as they can damage your business and your bottom line. Let’s take a look at the risks that you should avoid.

1. Doorway Pages

Doorway pages are easy to make and are used for specific keywords or keyword phrases. Expert SEO experts typically avoid using doorway pages because Google does not like doorway pages and often penalizes websites that use doorway pages. For this reason alone, you should avoid using doorway pages.

The only reason that Google will not penalize a doorway page is when it offers clear, unique and valuable information or content to its visitors. This type of doorway page is similar to the other content on your site and is viewed as such by Google.

Because of Google’s negative view of doorway pages, they should be avoided and not used on your website.

2. Neutral Backlinks

Although you want high-quality backlinks on your site, you do not want poor-quality backlinks. But, what about neutral backlinks? Neutral backlinks are those that do not help or hurt your website’s page ranking. Neutral backlinks do not boost your website; however, Google no longer penalizes you for including neutral backlinks on your website.

With Google’s latest update, Penguin, it was determined that websites often do not have control to sites that link to the website.

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