Posted on Oct 24, 2018

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Social Media’s Role In Houston SEO: Facebook

What I’d like to do with this article is show you how Facebook can become a powerful SEO tool to improve the results you get from search engines. My discussion will mainly concentrate on Google, but rest assured that the general ideas I present here are equally effective for other search engines (Bing etc.). Even if you’re concentrating your SEO efforts in other directions besides Google, I’m hoping you’ll find this information useful! I’ll also take a little time to talk about Facebook’s Graph Search function and how you can optimize your presence to take advantage of it.

Does Google Even Pay Attention to Facebook? What Impact Can Facebook Optimization Have?
It’s always reasonable to start any SEO discussion by examining the evidence that says a potential strategy change will actually be useful. To that end, you’ll probably want to know what, if anything, Google’s current ranking algorithms do with data from Facebook. This gets into what we call “signals.” If Google reads social media signals from Facebook, that means it increases the ranking of Facebook posts if those posts grab a lot of likes on the social network. I’m constantly surprised by the many “experts” who are already shouting about the relationship between Google and Facebook before they’ve answered this very basic question about whether or not the search engine actually picks up on social signals.....

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